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A drinks menu including punches and cocktails promises concoctions influenced by Victorian imagination, ingenuity and innovation.

A Wine list representing the old, the new and the unusual of what the wine world has to offer has been based around Britain and the colonies. Powder Keg Diplomacy’s cellar also incorporates a Friend’s & Foe’s section for the old world wine lovers out there including cases from
France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The beer list is built around great traditional British brewing, whilst doffing its cap to the new breed of micro-brewed ales from around the
British Isles. Micro and cutting edge breweries are at the forefront of the fight to offer quality brews in the pubs and bars of the UK, therefore Powder Keg Diplomacy are dedicated to working with them. With over 40 microbreweries in London, we have decided to focus our beer
menu on what our neighbours have to offer.

With an awakening in enthusiasm for craft beers and ales, Lost Brewing will collaborate with producers to recreate lost and forgotten ales,
lagers and ciders.