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In 2011 we had a had a vision; to serve approachable
seasonal British fare set in an urban colonial environment that appealed
to a new generation of diners looking for ingredients & dishes that are
truly seasonal, sourced solely from the land and sea of the United Kingdom
and inspired by centuries of great British recipes.

As approachable as the food, Powder Keg offers a drinks list that will draw you
into a bygone age influenced by Victorian imagination, ingenuity and innovation.

A Wine list representing the old, the new and the unusual of what the wine
world has to offer. A beer list built around what is great about traditional
British brewing whilst doffing its cap to the new breed of micro brewed ales
from around the British Isles.

The cocktail list is based on long forgotten and now resurrected recipes using
historical gins and whiskeys through to modern English vodkas all complimented
by hand made liqueurs, cordials and bitters. Powder Keg provides a platform to
show case the best of home-grown distillers, brewers and vintners.

A manifesto of “honouring tradition whilst subverting convention” lead Powder Keg Diplomacy.